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Best Start Menu for Windows 11

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This post talks about the best Start Menu for Windows 11 PC. For Windows users who are not satisfied with the new Start Menu in Windows 11, the best option is a free or paid Start Menu alternative app. One of the most talked about features of Microsoft’s new operating system is the revamped Start menu, which many users don’t like.

Fortunately, third-party apps allow you to replace this feature with a previous version of the Start menu, or even customize it entirely yourself. There are many paid apps out there, but here are the best free alternatives to Windows 11 Start Menu.

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Best Start Menu for Windows 11

Some of these tools will not prevent you from using the Windows Start menu. When using these tools, you will have two Start menus (including the Windows Start menu) and two Start buttons that can be used separately. When you exit or close a widget, you can continue to use the original Start menu as usual. Therefore, the control will remain in your hands.

Note: Before trying any of these tools, we suggest that you create a system restore point. Also, some tools are added to the Windows startup menu automatically that you may not like or find annoying. Therefore, you need to remove these options from their settings or remove them manually.

Start Menu Reviver

Start Menu Reviver

This Start Menu has 11 different styles and lets you create tiles for apps, Windows tasks, websites, documents, and any other file that should be available at all times.

The tiles can be resized just like in Windows 10 and are easy to touch.

Although Start Menu Reviver 2.0 is only officially compatible with Windows 7-10, it works great with Windows 11. It is also available in several different languages.

  1. Add up to 64 tiles in the Start menu to add and access your favorite or frequently used items.
  2. Change the start button: 11 different start buttons are available to choose from.
  3. Set Start Menu Size to Medium, Large, or Small.
  4. Change the Start menu theme to day or night mode. You can also set custom background color, background text, tile text, blank tiles, start screen tile, etc.

If you want to use this tool, download its setup file from reviversoft.com. Then install it Run the tool and its start button will be visible in the lower left corner of the Windows 11/10 taskbar.



This Start Menu Replacement is a free and open source Start Menu replacement for Windows 11/10. It is a free, easy-to-use program that you can use to view and open files and folders.

It’s more like a custom start menu where you can add custom root directories and then easily search for files in the specified directories.

You can add folders that you frequently visit or work with frequently. Then browse the files from the selected folders.

If you want to use this tool, download its setup file from systemtraymenu

Open Shell

Open Shell

Open Shell can be used to restore the classic Start Menu, Explorer Shell, and Internet Explorer to your computer’s operating system. Open Shell is one of the best Start Menu alternatives for Windows 11/10.

Classic Shell was a popular program that allowed users to restore the functionality of operating system duplications that Microsoft had discontinued.

With this Open Shell tool, you can use Windows 7 style start menu, classic two column style menu or classic style start menu where you can access all programs, Microsoft Store apps, etc. For each Start menu type, you can also select the skin type (or theme), show/hide the user account picture, use small icons, and set the items you want to display in the Start menu. Thus, you can customize the start menu as per your requirements.

Download its Setup Here

Start Menu X

Start Menu X

Star Menu X is a very functional start menu alternative, although they have a paid version, the free website version offered on their website has a lot of really interesting features or options that easily grab attention and make it a better alternative to Windows Start Menu 11/10.

  1. Different skins or themes (including a Space X theme with animation) can be applied to the Start menu
  2. Change the Windows Start button with any one of the pre-added buttons (such as angry bird, Pikachu, etc.). You can also add an image of your choice for the Start button
  3. Add buttons that you want to see in the Start menu such as Log Off, Hibernate, User Account, Switch User, etc.
  4. Change Start menu layout. Available layouts or styles are:
    1. Switch between Start Menu X
    2. Classic Start Menu
    3. Start Menu 10.

If you want to download the tool, this is the official website startmenux.com. During installation, select the free version option, and complete the installation. Run the tool and it will start in the system tray.

When you install the tool and click the Start button in Windows 11/10, it will bring up its Start menu, and pressing Shift + Win will bring up the original Start menu. You can also reverse this action from the settings of this tool.



Spencer is a portable tool and the simplest tool on this list. Allows you to quickly access and run installed programs, Windows tools, file explorer, Settings app, system tools (command prompt, task manager, run command box, etc.), accessories (quick help, step recorder, etc.), and more .

This tool does not come with any interface and does not allow you to customize any kind of settings. It only allows you to access those items stored in the Programs folder (under the Start Menu folder) that are available in two different locations on your Windows 11/10 computer. The path or location of these folders is:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

To use this simple Start menu alternative, get its ZIP file from the-sz.com. Extract that ZIP archive and execute its application file to open its menu or launcher. The launcher of this tool is a bit similar to the Windows XP style Start menu where you can expand folders and launch a particular item from that folder.

Can you Change the Windows 11 Start Menu?

Yes, it is possible to change or customize the Start menu in Windows 11. Customizations such as moving the Start menu from the center to the left, changing its color, removing apps from the recommended list, showing/hide most used apps, recently added apps in Start, and showing/hide settings , Documents, Pictures, File Explorer, and more.

Does Windows 11 Have a Start Menu?

Yes, the currently available Windows 11 features an all-new Start Menu. Several changes have been made to the Start Menu in Windows 11. Changes made to the Start Menu in Windows 11:

  • The left button bar has been removed and moved to the bottom
  • Tiles and app groups have been removed
  • The Start button has been moved to the center of the taskbar with other system applications

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