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Best Video Editing App For iPhone 2022 For Free

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What is the best video editor app for iphone? iPhone devices have become able to perform many heavy and difficult tasks thanks to their development over the past years, as Apple supported iPhone devices with many powerful capabilities, including the A15 processor, which provides strong performance and competes with Intel processors used in computers. The camera has also been improved to the extent that it is even possible to shoot 4K videos, and all of this has made the iPhone able to record high-quality videos and also edit and make professional video editing with ease. And if you are looking for the best professional video editing software for iPhone for free, continue reading this article because after a long search and effort and after experience, we will show you the best video editing app for iPhone that the average user, photographers, YouTubers, and even professional video editors are looking for.

Best Video Editing App For iPhone

Shooting videos on iPhone and iPad has become increasingly popular with the development of iPhone camera lenses over the years and using the best professional video editing software for iPhone for free is a great way to create and publish content easily but with more than one editing application for iPhone, it is difficult to know which one is right for you and meets your needs and worth your time. To make it simple, here are the best iPhone editing apps for 2022:

1. iMovie (One of Best Free Video Editing  Apps For iPhone)

iMovie app

When we talk about the best professional video editing software for iPhone for free, we can not lose sight of the professional iMovie montage application for the iPhone maker, which will help you make video editing and editing for iPhone easily and professionally. Using iMovie, you can import your videos and photos into projects and edit them in an environment In addition, you can split the videos and arrange them on the timeline.

You can also add slow and fast motions and various other effects such as picture in picture, green screen and split screen to your video. You can also choose from 8 video themes, adjust and delete focus points, adjust the depth of field effect in the video recorded in cinematic mode, and there are also more than 130 audio tracks You can use whatever you want and it will automatically adjust to the duration of your video, all of which makes the Apple iMovie app one of the best editing software for iPhone.

2. Videoshop


The list of the best editing programs for iPhone would not be complete without Videoshop, which is considered the best editing program for iPhone 2020, and with VideoShop you will be able to do many actions on your videos where you can record videos directly from within the application or import them from your camera roll. Once you do that, you can write on the video and merge more than one video into one clip as well as being able to add many different effects to the video like tilt, shift, transitions, slow and fast motion.

You can also add your voice to the video, and this feature is great for YouTubers and even people who provide explainer videos to their followers. Once you have finished editing, editing and editing the video, Videoshop will prepare the video in seconds. You can add themes and filters to the final video. You can also add a title, author name, and much more. The app also provides the ability to export the video to Dropbox and you can even share the video on different platforms like Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and others with ease.

3. Splice (Best Editing App for iPhone)

Splice app

The next program in the list of the best video editing apps for ios is Splice, the professional video editor for GoPro, which specializes in producing the best cameras in the world. Add the videos you want to edit and highlight the important parts (the app calls them Hilights) from the video and then, you can add a background music or an audio file to the video and the last stage comes when the program cuts the video automatically according to the Hilights you have previously selected.

But that is not all, with Splice you can cut, edit and modify the video, add different effects, and also write on the video for the iPhone. You can also change the transitions and movement between two Hilights with ease. Once you have finished editing the video, you can share the video on social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Save the video to the iPhone or even send the video link to others directly, with Splice you will have the best professional video editing program for iPhone for free.

4. FilmoraGo (Best Video Editing App for iPhone)

FilmoraGo app

It can be said that FilmoraGo is the best iPhone editing program without watermark for beginners, and this professional video editor has an easy-to-use interface through which you will be able to edit and edit video for iPhone without any difficulty, and with the great features of Filmora Go application, you will be able to edit, edit, edit and design And professional video production for iPhone, and the program allows you to add different transitions and movements to your videos and even play them in reverse, and there are different effects that increase the attractiveness of your video.

You can also add titles in the video, use stickers and filters, add music in the background of the video, and also you can add another clip in picture-in-picture mode. Moreover, the professional montage application gives you a number of other functions, including adjusting the playback speed, rotating video clips, cutting, splitting, copying or merging smoothly There is adjusting the display by manipulating the video and changing the brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation and clarity, all for free with FilmoraGo, the best video editing apps for iPhone in 2022.

5. Quik (best video editing software for iPhone)

Quik App

Quik is the last app in the list of the best iPhone editing software and this professional video editor from GoPro, like Splice, and through the Quik app, you will be able to create amazing videos with simple and easy steps.

The application has an option that allows you to import photos and videos from your account on Facebook, Instagram, or even from your phone’s photo library. Once you have selected the photos and videos you want to edit, the next stage is to highlight the important parts of the Hilights in the video, as is the case with Splice.

In addition, you can change the background music of the video, add filters, and even insert a title into the video. Once you are done editing the video for IOS via Quik, you can simply save the video to your photo library, share it on Facebook or Instagram, or even send the video link on WhatsApp and Messenger.

In the end, these were the best editing app for iPhone in 2022 that come for free and will help you edit, edit and make professional video montages in an easy and simple way, and each program from the list provides a variety of great features that you will benefit from and will give you the ability to create attractive and professional videos for free for your channel On YouTube, Tik Tok, your Instagram page, or even a Facebook account.

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