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OB Whatsapp Omar Download Latest Version Update 2023 – OBWhatsapp

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Today’s topic is about OB Whatsapp Omar Download Latest Version and how to update OBWhatsapp apk latest version 2023. WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi 2023 provides many features and privacy, but much more than that. Keep reading and you will learn more about WhatsApp Omar and we are sure that you will be convinced to get this for your phone.

OB Whatsapp Omar Download

Download WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi is the most popular version among the versions of Omar Badeeb, not even among all the modified versions of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus Abu Omar Al Annabi supports downloading cases, and a lot of features.

WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi OB WhatsApp, or as some call it (واتساب عمر العنابي) is a modified version of the original green WhatsApp application from the modification of the dear brother: Omar Badeb, where many features, settings and forms that are not found in the regular official WhatsApp have been added!.

And through the modifications made by the developer of obwhatsapp, which made it meet all the requirements that are not available in the original WhatsApp, and he called it WhatsApp Abu Omar Badeeb, WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi, WhatsApp Omar Blue, WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi, WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar, and all versions of WhatsApp The modified Ibb Omar is one of the best modified and stable versions of WhatsApp in 2022.

One of the most important features of the obwhatsapp update is that it is against the ban, and that it enjoys high and strong privacy and supports uploading and downloading cases without programs and saving them in the gallery, and modifying the shape of the WhatsApp theme to the shapes you want, and you can change the colors of WhatsApp Omar with your favorite attractive colors, and it also contains a store Themes in the well-known WhatsApp Omar update, which contains a group of the best wonderful and distinctive WhatsApp features.

Features of Downloading OBWhatsapp

  • The ability to schedule messages.
  • Complete protection against ban.
  • Possibility to disable notifications when listening to voice messages.
  • A floating button that controls the entire application with many shortcuts and tasks without entering the menus within the application.
  • The authority to control the contacts who can make phone calls through the application without anyone else.
  • The ability to delete messages on both sides of the conversation.
  • The possibility of conducting a large number of conversations at the same time.
  • Add more privacy, whether by locking the application or locking specific conversations, using the phone’s fingerprint or pattern and password.
  • Increased status video time to 30 minutes from 10 minutes previously.
  • Split status video into GBWhatsApp parts.
  • Adding a large number of diverse and decorative professional fonts pre-installed within the application, and there is no need to download additional fonts in WhatsApp Plus.

Download OB Whatsapp Omar APK

OBWhatsapp Omar latest version APK Download 2023 , Downloading Umar or omar pink

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