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Should I enable/disable Profile Viewing History on TikTok? And How To Do It

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The profile view count feature on TikTok can be a good friend depending on your point of view. It can tell you who has accessed the profile or even reveal the footprint to others if you access theirs.

Want to know how to make the best use of this feature? You’re in the right place! Follow the steps involved in disabling Profile Viewing History on TikTok.

How does Tiktok profile view history work?

The Profile Views feature on TikTok is like a visitor log that keeps track of who visits your profile over a 30-day period. It’s surprisingly simple in functionality – it gives you the usernames of all visitors in a reverse chronological list form. The most recent visitor takes the top spot and thus continues the order of appearance.

Profile viewing history works with a clear mission, which is to provide a window to keep track of who accesses the profile. However, for this feature to actually work, both visitors and visitors must have Profile View History enabled. If you visit someone’s profile with the feature disabled, they won’t know about the visit; Also, you will not receive notifications about who has visited the profile.

Another property of the Profile View History feature is that, when you turn it off at any point, you disappear from the visitor’s list of other users. So, if you want to hide your profile access from someone, just turn off Profile Viewing History and wait for 30 days to have passed since their last access to their profile.

In short, for the profile view count feature to work, both stakeholders should enable the feature on their profiles. Even if only one of them disables the feature, both people lose the ability to view details related to profile access (in relation to each other).

If you’re a creator interested in viewer and follower related data, Profile Viewing History is a handy tool to get a good look at who’s been interested in a video or account enough to access it. profile access. Besides, it’s also the only list that currently collects information about individual accounts that interact with the account because you don’t have a list to see who watched the video.

How to turn off Profile View History on TikTok

Tap the Profile icon on TikTok to access the profile.

How to turn off Profile View History on TikTok

Tap the Eye icon located near the top right corner.

turn off Profile View History on TikTok

Tap the Gear icon in the top right to see the options.

Profile View History on TikTok

Turn off Profile viewing history with the toggle and then tap the close (x) button.

Profile viewing history

There, it’s just a few simple steps and you’ve turned off Profile Views on your account. However, there are some tagging effects when you turn off Profile View History.

If you change your mind later, check out this page on how to enable Profile Viewing History on TikTok.

What happens when you turn off Profile Viewing History on TikTok?

When you turn off Profile View History, you will disappear from all visitor lists on other people’s profiles. If you don’t turn it back on until the 30-day period is up, you may still be hidden from their List of Profile Views.

The appearance in the list depends on the time of your visit; that means, the more new visitors they get, the more you will be pushed down the list as long as you don’t visit their profile again. If you rush to turn it back on, note that you’ll immediately reappear in their Profile Viewing History list.

The only way to get rid of the prying eyes of Profile Viewing History without turning it off is to block the other party on TikTok.

Why turn off Profile View History on TikTok?

Profile views are useful when you are at the top of the thread getting information about who has visited the profile. However, it may not be desirable for others to know you’ve accessed their profile, especially if you’ve accidentally accessed someone’s profile or if you’ve been accessing their profile too often.

Here is how it works. TikTok Profile Views only keeps records of profile visits. If you visit someone’s profile with Profile Views turned off, they won’t receive a visit notification. Similarly, you won’t receive a notification if someone visits your profile during this time period.

If you visit someone’s profile with Profile View History turned on, you can still remove traces of your visit by turning Profile View History off. However, if you re-enable the feature before the 30-day view history period has passed, you’ll immediately reappear in their Profile Views list when the feature is re-enabled.

Another way to remove you from someone’s Profile Views list is to block them. Of course, this is the last resort to turn to when you have no other choice.

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Why should not turn off Profile View History on TikTok?

Profile views provide key information about the traction a video or account has managed to generate in a community of viewers. For example, the more hits you get to a “new,” “unfamiliar,” and “unique” profile, the more claims you get that the TikTok algorithm is sending the video to the Home feed. other people.

If you’re a creator, Profile Views can be used as a resource to research your audience – who visits your profile, what age group or community they belong to, what types of content they like, and more.

If you turn off Profile View History completely, you’ll be wasting your organic audience viewing opportunities.

Of course, you can also use it to see how often someone visits a profile. The Profile Views feature doesn’t show a timestamp against usernames in the Profile Views list to see when and when they visited the profile.

However, with each new visit, their username will jump to the most recent location from the previous location with ‘relevance’ or ‘currency’ information. of activity. All of this also applies to you if you access someone’s profile with Profile Viewing History turned on.

Will it show you visited their profile if you blocked them?

If you block someone, the profile access history will disappear from their Profile Views list as soon as you block them. If you unblock them before the 30-day history period expires, you’ll reappear in the list.

However, if you sneak into their profile during the period you’ve blocked them, they won’t receive event notifications nor will the account show up in their Profile Views list.

Do past Profile Views show up after unblocking someone on TikTok?

If you unblock someone before the 30-day Profile Views history has passed, yes, the imprint will reappear in their List of Profile Views.

Under the given scenario, our most recent visits in order of appearance relative to other viewers they received during this time period will be displayed in their Profile View History.

How to remove yourself from someone’s Profile View History

As we’ve discussed, there are two ways to remove yourself from someone’s Profile View History – one is to turn off Profile View History on a profile. When you turn off Profile View History, profile access will not be notified and you will not be notified if they access your profile. It is a two-way street.

Another method is to block their account so that not only will you be removed from their Profile Views list, but you can also block them from viewing the account.

The last resort is to simply delete the TikTok account, but deleting the account just to remove yourself from their Profile View History can be an overkill.

Hope we answered the question! You can drop in comment any questions or suggestions!

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