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Steam overlay not working Windows 11 [10 Solutions] 2022

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Many users are facing Steam overlay not working issue and as a result cannot access in-game features and Steam Community while playing games on Steam.

Steam Overlay Not Working

And Steam Overlay is an important feature that allows users to access the Steam client in any game without changing windows and easily invite friends, finds guides, sends and receives messages and so on.

Well, the problem is caused by many reasons. So, here in this article, we have compiled the causes and fixes to fix the problem.

Why is my Steam Overlay Not Working on Rust?

recently for many users, Steam overlay stops working on various games like Rust, Lost Ark CSGO and others.

  • Outdated Steam Client: The outdated Steam client plays a big part in not allowing some features to work properly due to incompatibility; Updating it will solve the problem.
  • Internal glitches: Sometimes an app’s internal glitches can cause conflicts and not work properly.
  • Conflicts with other Apps: Different 3rd party apps especially those for screen recording and frame checking can cause Steam Overlay issues.
  • Software/Hardware configuration: In some cases, hardware and software configuration can also cause problems.

So here are some common culprits causing the problem. Now follow the fixes one by one until you find the one that works for you.

How to Fix Steam Overlay Not Working Problem?

Solution 1: how do i enable my steam overlay?

Steam overlay not working problems arise if the feature is not applied in the first place. To enable it, here are the steps to follow:

1- Open Steam On One PC.

2- Click Steam on the Menu option.

3- Click on Settings and check the in-game overlay inside the Settings Panel located on the left side.

3- Now check that you have enabled the option Enable the Steam overlay while in-game.

Enable the Steam overlay while in-game

4- Click Ok to end the proceedings.

5- Restart to check if the error goes away.

Solution 2: Grant administrator privileges

Admin privileges allow some apps to work perfectly. And the Steam platform requires admin access to work properly. So here we suggest you to grant administrative privileges and check if the problem is solved or not.

Follow the steps to do so:

1- Press Win + E together.

2- Access the Steam location on your System. Normally this should be the location, C: Program Files (x86) Steam.

3- And first run the Steam client as administrator by right clicking on the Steam.exe file and select Click Compatibility and at the bottom click Run this program as an administrator checkbox and save changes.

4- Now, locate steam.exe, right click on the application and click on Properties to go to the next page

5- Inside the page, go to the Compatibility tab.

6- Tap on Run this Program as an Administrator.

7- Make sure that the box that includes Run this program as an administrator is checked.

8- Click Apply and Ok to save the settings.

Now restart your Steam client to see if the issue of Steam Overlay not working the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Configuring the exhaust steam

If you still don’t see success, try configuring flush steam. Follow these steps:

1- Press Win+R together and open the Run dialogue.

2- Enter the following.

Configuring the exhaust steam

3- Click Ok to allow Steam configuration flush to take place.

4- Restart Steam to check if the error of Steam overlay not working goes away.

Solution 4: Verify Game File Integrity

There are cases where the game’s files are somehow corrupted or missing and as a result the overlay feature won’t open in the game and you face the issue of Steam overlay not working.

Therefore, here we recommend you to verify the integrity of game files in Steam to repair and replace corrupted game files and solve the problem.

1- Launch the Steam app and click on Purchase Permissions Library.

Verify Game File Integrity

2- And from the list of installed games, select the game that is causing the overlay not opening problem.

3- Now right click on the specific game and select Properties.

4- Click the browse option to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

5- Wait for the process to finish.

And check if the problem is resolved or move on to the next fix.

Solution 5: Update Steam

Running an outdated Steam app can cause various problems, so here we recommend updating the Steam app if you’ve been waiting a long time. The steps include:

1- Click Start and type Steam.

2- Open the app and click on the Steam icon on the upper left panel.

3- Select Check for Steam Client Updates.

Update Steam

4- This will update Customer if there are any Pending Updates.

5- Restart Steam after the Update is over.

Solution 6: Update Windows

If the Windows operating system you are running is outdated, it may not be compatible with the latest version of steam and cause incompatibility issues. So it is equally important to update the Windows version and allow steam to work properly.

Follow the steps to do so:

1- Press Windows + I key to open Settings.

2- Locate Update & Security and click on it.

Update Windows

3- Click Check for Updates.

Update Windows 11

4- If you find an Update pending click on it and finish the Update process.

5- Restart your System after the Update is finished.

6- Restart Steam to check if Steam overlay is not working in Windows 11 problem is resolved.

Solution 7: Enable steam overlay for a specific game

In some cases, the steam overlay may be disabled for a specific game and this is the reason why the overlay doesn’t work in that game. In this case you should enable steam overlay for that particular game.

Feature testing for a specific game can sometimes help reduce bugs. To perform the step:

1- Launch Steam about you Computer.

2- Open the Library section on the Steam client.

Enable steam overlay for a specific game

3- Find the left panel and right click on the game you want to select.

4- Click on it to open Properties.

5- Visiting General.

6- In preferences select Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game and click to check it.

Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game

7- Minimize it and launch the game again.

Solution 8: Stop the GameOverlayUI process

Many users have reported that disabling the Gameoverlayui.exe process works for you to solve your Steam overlay not working issue. So it is suggested to stop the Gameoverlayui process by following the given steps.

1- Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

2- Then in Processes tab check GameOverlayUI.exe the process is running.

3- Double click GameOverlayUI.exe to disable it.


4- Restart the Steam app to check if the Steam overlay not working issue is resolved.

Solution 9: Remove background interrupting apps

If there are some conflicting applications such as frame rate checkers, and screen recorders running in the background, an error may appear. Finish the process to make sure the error is gone. The steps include:

1- Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC Key.

2- Inside the window, look for any conflicting apps running.

3- Right click on it and select End Task.

Remove background interrupting apps

4- This will kill the program.

5- Restart Steam and check if the Steam Overlay not working issue is resolved.

Solution 10: Uninstall and reinstall Steam

If none of the fixes listed above work for you, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Steam from scratch. And now Steam Overlay Not Working problem is solved.

So, follow the steps to uninstall so:

1- Press Win+R together and open Run.

2- Type appwiz.cpl and click Ok.


3- Right click on the Steam application and click Uninstall.

Right click on the Steam application and click Uninstall

4- On the next page, click Uninstall to continue working.

5- Close the setup window after the uninstall is finished.

Now follow the steps to reinstall:

1- Visit Steam’s website from your browser.

2- Click Install Steam.

Install Steam

3- Check download to see download package.

4- Steam installation will begin immediately.

5- Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

6- Tap Finish after the installation is complete

7- Launch the app to check if the problem is resolved.

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It’s all about the Steam overlay not working problem.

Trying the listed solutions will surely work for you to solve the problem in your case and the overlay feature will start working on Windows.

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