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How to File a Complaint and Remove Violations of TikTok Community Standards

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The difficulties are increasing when there is a certain number of Followers on the TikTok channel. TikTok channels with many followers will earn a small amount of money from booking brands, so these channels will make you never want to start from scratch. However, sometimes TikTok has new plans for different Content screening because you might wake up one day with an annoying account ban with a ‘community guidelines violation’ message.

We have gathered here for you all the legal ways to appeal an account ban on TikTok.

Why and when is the account banned on TikTok?

There are many reasons why an account is banned, however, the cause of this is a violation of one or more terms of the TikTok community guidelines. The more serious the violation, the more severe the punishment.

There are 4 types of bans on TikTok and 3 of them are account related. That is – bans (blocking videos from other users’ For Friends page); temporary ban (suspension of the account for a certain period of time that restricts account activity such as video uploads), permanent ban (account is permanently deleted) and Live streaming ban (when you are banned from participating in or comment in a certain live stream).

The first step to unbanning a TikTok account is to find out what triggered the action from TikTok.

Temporarily ban TikTok forever: 4 types of TikTok bans

The nature of bans on TikTok can be classified into two categories – temporary and permanent. If your account is temporarily banned, you will be restricted from posting videos or participating in certain activities on your account for the duration of the suspension. The length of the suspension is determined on the basis of the nature or severity of the guideline violation and can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to be lifted.

Whether temporary or permanent, TikTok will notify you of the event. So, if the message says your account is suspended, there’s still hope of recovering your account. Shadow bans and temporary bans will raise themselves after a certain amount of time without you taking any action.

On the other hand, if the account is permanently banned, then you cannot get it back. TikTok only penalizes an account permanently when a user is found to have directly committed certain unforgivable offenses such as repeated and repeated violations of community guidelines, propaganda, and engagement. criminal, antisocial, illegal or violent activities or propaganda.

Reasons for being banned on TikTok

Shadowbanning can be thought of as a soft ban that prevents a video from reaching your target audience’s For You page or showing up under relevant tags. A direct consequence is a sharp drop in viewer engagement with content in terms of views, comments, and likes.

If you notice that your video is getting less attention than before, it’s because you’ve been obscured. Reasons for getting banned include stuffing hashtags, violating community guidelines, any problem with the quality of the content you upload, or using illegal means to attract people. follow or engage viewers.

If TikTok catches you using third-party apps or media to attract fake followers or interact with bots, consider you immediately banned. Likewise, the use of VPNs is also opposed by TikTok developers, leading to the imposition of temporary bans or bans.

Shadowbans can last for a few days or up to 2 weeks depending on the fee you pay. To fix Shadowbans, you can use Report an Issue in your account settings to use the Support Ticket feature to contact TikTok help – we’ll break down the steps involved in a moment. Short time, please wait!

If you commit a relatively serious violation or violate many community guidelines, TikTok will not hesitate to grant you a temporary ban on your account, whereby you cannot use your account for interactive activities. as important as posting new content. You will also receive a notification in your Inbox informing you that the account has been temporarily suspended.

For a first violation, you may be able to get rid of the 24-48 hours limit or suspend your account in watch-only status for up to 72 hours (during this period, you won’t be able to upload videos or leave any other views). like or comment.) Sanctions are taken depending on the severity of the offense and how often you violate the community guidelines.

Finally, if you check TikTok’s zero tolerance policy, then you can only treat the wound of a lost account because TikTok doesn’t waste time but directly imposes a permanent ban on the account. any account disregarding its precautions to avoid any prohibited activities such as promoting or engaging in activities related to terrorism, ammunition or weapons, human or drug trafficking, pornography, abuse, harassment and extortion, etc.

Well, if you are under 13 and detected by TikTok then that is also a reason why the account is banned forever. Sometimes, TikTok enforces a ban on the device itself to prevent you from creating a new account on that device.

How to recover your account on Tik Tok (And Explain Why You’re Banned)

The only way to get the account ban lifted is to complain to TikTok Support and there are 5 ways to contact TikTok to do this. Now let’s look at each Way in detail.

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Method 1: Make a “Complaint” through a banned account

When an account receives a temporary ban, you’ll receive a notification in your Inbox about the event.

Step 1: Launch TikTok.

complain to tiktok

Step 2: Click the Inbox icon to view the notification.

customer complaints tiktok

Step 3: You will see a system message about the ban. Click Complain to request account recovery.

Method 2: “Report a problem” on the TikTok app

A simple and direct way to appeal on TikTok to reverse the account ban is through the ‘Report an issue’ feature. Here is how it is done.

Launch TikTok.

Launch TikTok

Tap the profile icon to access the profile.

profile tiktok

Tap the button in the top right corner.

profile tiktok 2

Tap Settings and privacy.

Settings and privacy tiktok

Under SUPPORT, tap Report a Problem.

SUPPORT tiktok

Tap the writing pad icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Feedback tiktok

You will come to the “Feedback” page. Tap the compose message icon in the top right corner of the page.

report a problem tiktok

In the text box, type a message. Make sure to compose it with a personal contact that explains the situation and appeal well. If you have the means to demonstrate a good reason to recover your account, tap the image and video icons to attach them accordingly.

tiktok Report

Click Report to submit the request.

Feedback tiktok 2

It usually takes about 1 to 3 days to get a response from the helpdesk, however, it can take longer (like really long) to get a response or any form of confirmation . So hang in there! Help will proceed as long as you have a valid reason to request your account back.

Method 3: Email TikTok official support

TikTok has more than one official email account that is always ready to receive feedback or offer to resolve user complaints. If you did not receive any satisfactory reply according to the support route mentioned above, you can try emailing the official TikTok response department.

Open your selected email service provider. For the demonstration, we’ll use Gmail and tap Compose on the left panel.

tiktok support

In the To field, enter the address [email protected] Send email content to each of the following email IDs separately – [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected]

tiktok privacy

Enter a short and relevant subject line. In the summary box, explain the situation with specifics regarding when the account was banned and the reasons (if any) to explain why you trust or ask for the account to be reinstated. Attach files if necessary.

TikTok Help

Tap Submit and wait for a reply from TikTok Help.

TikTok Help 2

“Feedback” tiktok.com” has a reputation for giving quick feedback or solutions to users. So you should get acknowledgment and solution to your problem without much delay.

Method 4: Submit the protest form on TikTok

Launch TikTok.

Tap the profile icon to access the profile.

profile icon tiktok 1

Tap the burger button in the top right corner.

profile icon tiktok

Tap Settings and privacy.

tiktok Settings and privacy

Under SUPPORT, tap Report a Problem.

tiktok Report a Problem

Tap Accounts and Profiles in Topics.

Accounts and Profiles tiktok

Tap the Profile page to expand.

Profile page tiktok

Select More from the options.

TikTok Community Standards

On the Report a Problem page, tap Need more help? proceed with.

Report a Problem tik tok

In the text box, type a message. Make sure to compose it with a personal contact that explains the situation and appeal well. If you have the means to demonstrate a good reason to recover your account, tap the image and video icons to attach them accordingly.

TikTok Community Standards 2

Click Report to submit the request.

It may take a few days for the TikTok team to get back to you. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response from them right away.

Method 5: Appeal using the “Share feedback”

The “Share Feedback” form allows you to intimately chat with the TikTok team about issues or problems with the user experience or the account. This is a direct portal to contact TikTok Help about banned or suspended accounts.

Go to Share feedback page (Click here to open Share feedback form).

feedback page tiktok

Enter the email id in the specified text box.

Username is not a required field. Fill in if you find it necessary.

contact tiktok

Click the drop-down box to select Ban/suspend account for the Theme.

In the drop-down box below Tell us more, you’ll find the following options – Go Live, Banned Accounts (age-related), Banned Accounts (age-related), and Other . Choose one depending on the situation.

Banned Accounts tiktok

In the text box, enter a detailed and personalized message informing them of the problem you’re having and how you hope to get it resolved.

If you have a photo or video to support your argument or claim, click Upload to attach the relevant files.

photo or video to support

Click both check boxes to agree with the Statements.

Finally, click Submit to complete the process.

message informing 3

It may take a few days before you get a reply from TikTok help. So. Don’t lose hope if there is no action or response immediately after you submit.

How to Compose a Complaint for Unblocking a TikTok Account

The first thing to keep in mind when drafting an appeal letter is to be detail-oriented. You are responsible for your words and all information you provide, so please ensure that all statements are true and correct.

Precise here means very specific and detailed. For example, you can mention the exact date when the account was suspended and how long it has been since the event happened and appeal why the account wasn’t automatically unloaded after a 14-day period usual punishment.

Another thing to keep in mind is the wording of the request. Speech should be formal but not too rigid; Remember that you are writing to the relevant employee, not the bot. So mention how much the account means to you (not that you should try to trick their feelings or other actions to attack their emotions because that just doesn’t work). No matter what you write, corresponding action from the TikTok team depending on your violation of the guidelines may be forgiven.)

It is important to make an undisputed statement with photographic or video evidence to demonstrate how the account did not deserve suspension or how you served your penalty period and account reinstatement. expired.

Keep the message clear and detailed. Do not smear unnecessarily about troubles. Polite and solemn.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my TikTok account banned for no reason?

Chances are you did something that directly violates TikTok’s guidelines if your account is suspended. For example, the content you post may be reported as inappropriate, or you may be found to be using illegal apps to attract bot followers.

The most common reason an account is banned “for no apparent reason” is age restriction. If you are found to be under the age of 13, it will result in immediate account suspension in accordance with TikTok’s protocols.

If none of these apply to you, then you can appeal to reverse the account ban with the TikTok support team in the Ways mentioned in the article.

Why is my TikTok account permanently banned?

The wish of everyone going through a similar situation is for their account to be unblocked as quickly as possible. However, you, like them, must go through testing and fair review according to TikTok’s policy before being pardoned to reinstate your account.

To go through the trial, you need to submit an appeal to TikTok stating the reasons for considering the account ban along with the reasons or proof of why you hope to have the ban lifted. You can file an appeal using the various forms on the app or write to the TikTok support team for assistance.

How do I unblock my TikTok account quickly?

There are different ways to contact TikTok, such as sending an email to [email protected] , or submitting a complaint via Share feedback form or repost an issue on TikTok’s app. We have covered all three Ways and two More above to help you contact TikTok about account ban issues in the article.

How to contact TikTok about a banned account?

A temporary suspension, if applied to an account, will forfeit your right to post on TikTok for the duration of the suspension. As the status suggests, the “temporary pause” is actually temporary and will lift automatically after a certain amount of time.

Normally, it can take up to 14 days for a temporary ban to complete its process and you will be able to restore all features on the app afterwards. If you don’t restore posting after this period, you can contact TikTok Help via email or Share feedback form to request the ban be lifted.

How to not get banned from posting on TikTok?

How long the account suspension lasts depends on the fee that applies to you. If you’re a first-time offender, TikTok may allow you to suspend your ban or account restriction for a short period of time (usually 24 to 48 hours). Repeated violations will result in more severe warnings and harsher sanctions, which can last up to 14 days.

If you really exhaust TikTok’s tolerance with too many repeat or even first “zero tolerance” violations, then TikTok will impose a permanent ban on the account that cannot be reversed. can work.

How long does a TikTok account suspension last?

Ideally you should get a response within 1 to 3 days, however, the user experience as shared confirms that it takes more than 3 days to get a response from the TikTok Helpdesk which is It is not unreasonable considering the large number of complaints and reports they receive daily. Therefore, you should adjust your status and wait patiently for a response from TikTok after submitting your appeal.

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