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What is iCloud+? How is APPLE “indulging” users?

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If you are a true fan of APPLE, it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, owning high-end or “cheap” devices… just holding an Apple product is enough to feel happy. Do you admit that to yourself?!

It’s easy to understand, from the design perfection, to the convenient ecosystem and great accompanying services, etc., all aim for perfection. True to the philosophy of the founder of the company – Steve Jobs!

What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service, helping to synchronize data between Apple devices (eg iPhone, iPad, macOS …) creating an extremely great ecosystem.

When you create an iCloud account (APPLE ID), by default Apple will provide 5GB of free storage space, with this free space, you can enable backup of Contacts, messages, Notes … or other files. important applications without worrying about data loss.

And when you want to switch to another device, or you change to a new iPhone, just log in to the correct iCloud account before, all the data of the previous backup application will be synchronized. back to the new machine. Extremely convenient!

In addition to the basic feature of a cloud storage service, iCloud is also a “solid wall” to help secure Apple devices.

For example, an iCloud-enabled phone requires users to have a password to restore factory settings, back up data, etc. Yes, especially the Find My iPhone feature – a feature that helps users find their lost iPhone.

So, an iPhone that can’t log out / log out of iCloud account is almost “waste”!

What is iCloud+?

As you all know, during the WWDC 2021 event, Apple has launched iCloud +, an upgraded version of the traditional iCloud service with 2 outstanding features: “VPN/VPN-Style security” and “VPN-Style security” Secure email/ Secure emailing”.

It is a sad fact that many paid VPN services sell data to third parties to exploit, or that VPN company has an insecure infrastructure that is easily exploited by hackers.

That’s why users often prefer VPN services that promise not to save user’s access history. For example, ZenMate VPN for example!

According to some statistics, at the time of writing this article, about 60% of VPN services are held by Chinese companies, 77% of which operate in a clone style (sub-agent type). audit certificates, even the Privacy Policy page is very sketchy.

Not letting their users be confused in the middle of this “code” security service market, Apple was one step ahead, they created their own features/services and integrated them inside for free. icloud.

So in addition to 5GB of free storage (to store Contacts, photos, videos, documents, ..), users also have a luxurious @icloud.com email address.

Not to mention that iCloud itself combined with iOS helps absolute security, as well as finding lost iPhone as easy as I mentioned above.

Here is the price list to buy more iCloud storage for your reference :

  • 50GB: $0.99
  • 200GB: $2.99
  • 2TB: $9.99

It’s very cheap, only about 1$ per month you can have 50GB of storage. You can save more pictures, videos… But if you only have 5GB by default, often users will turn off storing images and videos. Because it takes up a lot of space.

Features that the new Business caliber has

icloud only

In the past, regular users who wanted to enjoy advanced protection features had to purchase 3rd party services themselves such as VPN, Internet Security software, etc.

That is the perspective of individual users, but in a business environment, ensuring security for each device is extremely expensive: Like licensing fees, software deployment fees, and maintenance. annual,…

But Apple realizes that improving security and protecting personal privacy is a better way to attract and retain users to the Apple ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at the features that Apple has diligently researched, and users just need to press the iOS update button and use:

Mail Privacy Protection: Limit email spam, track users (especially the classic technique: “invisible pixel”, roughly, these emails attach any image, you open the mail, request to download the image. that inadvertently revealed the IP address, location…

So hackers can “localize” where you are => and then deploy appropriate spam / advertising campaigns / “targeting” ads, you will learn more about Google).

Create a free virtual Email address: You can choose Email Random to send to strangers or receive mail from sites you suspect.

You can still process messages from this random address independently of your real email, usually, if a crook knows the real email (usually Email receiving OTP code, financial information, …) it is very troublesome (especially is spam receiving OTP leading to Facebook account lock).

Using a VPN “temple”: With iCloud Private Relay (you should understand it like iCloud’s VPN for simplicity), when this feature is turned on, your Internet access data will be fully encrypted, your carrier or It will also be difficult for hackers to track you.

Email with own domain name: You can use your own domain name to send and receive Email, if it’s completely free, it’s great (Google side has to use Google Suite setup which is quite cumbersome and expensive too guys!).

Like if you have a domain name of opjgrotip.com, you can easily set up mailboxes like [email protected] (rest assured that email is handled by iCloud, so the quality is off the table).


Not hiding anything from you guys, I am also a hard Apple fan with popular devices at the moment such as Macbook M1, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro 11, Apple Watch 7, …

Yes, those are the things that came to me in a certain dream :D, because currently I still use Dell Laptop running pirated Win + MacOS bigsur interface. As for the phone, the Galaxy Note still uses iOS Launcher to fulfill the wish ^^

Watch WWDC, listen to CEO Tim Cook, Crag Federighi (SVP, Software Engineering), … of Apple talk a lot about their passion in protecting privacy, security, increasing user experience, and seeing real Apple fans. lucky. Although it’s a bit blood-sucking.

From my personal point of view, even though I’m a tech guy who likes to mess around, I find a closed but comprehensive ecosystem like Apple makes our lives “breathable” a lot easier.

I used to mess around with my Galaxy Note with: Hades/Sakura ROM, root Magisk, TWRP reco, Xposed Framework, Vanced Youtube, LSpeed, Aurora Droid, etc., then delete them all, back to stock ROM of Samsung and system Google eco.

Learn to be content and adapt to what you have!

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